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A.Ramesh Rao
Welcome to get your campus activated with Campus English Program by Wordsworth Academy.
It is a strong responsibility, especially for all the English medium institutions, to give the students, adequate proficiency in the English Language, within their tenure on the Campus. With a constant increase in the demand for good English teaching staff, every institution is now looking for an easier, efficient and consistent learning methodology that could keep the management committed without any inadequacy. This is increasing since more and more students from rural India are poised to reach higher academic levels in their careers.
  • Campus English Program is now derived for an easier, non-technical, cost-effective and consistent learning process for the students in school and college campuses using Campus English Program Kits.
  • Campus English Program is a self-activating learning system designed to give the students the confidence required, with simple language practice and then take them from Confidence level to Fluency level seamlessly.
  • Campus English Program comes with the resource required for mass learning with individual enhancement exercises for each student as per their learning ability.
  • Campus English Program is simple and consistent to sustain the joy of language learning so that the students are quickly motivated to achieve Command level proficiency.
I now request you to take some time to go through the Features, Advantages and Benefits (FAB) of Campus English Program explained in this site. Do go through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) fully so that almost all your doubts are cleared right away.
As per the price in the chart for Campus English Program Kits remember that the cost indicated is exclusively generated for your required volume. Therefore, if you run multiple institutions, think of a collective and wholesome solution for all of them, so that the best price and benefits are accordingly offered. My personal recommendation to every English Medium School is to invite us for the implementation of Campus English Program as an outsourced service.
Kindly contact us for sign up and activation. It would be my pleasure to answer you, for any queries that you may have before finalizing your orders.
Looking forward to hearing from you about your interest.
Best wishes.
A.Ramesh Rao.
Chief Executive - Wordsworth Academy
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