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English Workshop

An exclusive Workshop on the English Language is given to enthusiastic groups of teachers or students with focus on Phrasal Methodology of Language and Teaching/Learning. This program is given as an independent session for clients or prospective clients for the year-long venture. This is an 'On Cost' Training program the cost of which is derived based on the number of participants, Distance, and duration.


To Motivate and Inspire the participants to make an Institution a place where English is made the communicative language for all.

Components of the Workshop
The Workshop comprises of two broad objectives on
Language Enhancement
  • Importance of English Language, its global presence and employability.
  • Vocabulary exercise for standard expressive communication.
  • Phrasal methodology for teaching and learning.
  • Exercise on rearticulating sentences.
  • Glimpses of some Facets of English Language such as Oxymoron, Pleonasms, Litotic sentences, Portmanteau words , Acronyms, Wellerisms etc.
  • Session on Phrasal Verbs in usage.
  • Session on Idiomatic expressions in usage.
Motivational Lecture

Object oriented professional approach is essential on daily basis to every teacher in the institution. The daily routine should be seamlessly measured to manage themselves on the following.

  • Health Management
  • Time Management
  • Data Management
  • Stress Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Emotion Management
  • The workshop is conducted in a wholesome manner and not in the order of the topics given. This helps to break the monotony and make the program an enchanting success, session after session.
  • The workshop is open to any number of participants provided a comfortable seating arrangement is arranged for all.
  • The workshop insists that English teachers and History teachers interact strongly to sustain the efficacy of the practice on all working days.
  • The teachers exclusively meant for other languages such as Tamil, French, Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit etc., need not participate in this program.
  • Teachers from non English medium schooling background need not attend.
  • All participants should be informed about the workshop before hand and participants should come with their writing pad for short notes and exercises.
Optimum Presentation (Total Duration: 6 to 9 hrs)

3-hour duration for 2 /3 working days between 10 AM and 1 PM for 60 to 70 participants.

At the end of the workshop the following benefits can be derived.
  • A serious understanding of the importance of English Language for personal growth and student’s future.
  • A deeper awareness of the various interesting Facets of English Language.
  • Quick and effective techniques to improve the word power and usage.
  • Improved styles of sentence articulation and idiomatic expressions in day to day communication.
  • Stay motivated to take complete responsibility for the implementation of English Speaking habit in a natural way.
  • Hold stronger resolve to speak only in English and inspire the students to follow, thereby retain the campus as an ‘English Speaking Campus’ forever.
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