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Campus English Program
Why Campus English Program
World today, essentially needs people to communicate effectively in English. English speaking ability, pronunciation, vocabulary and verbal expressions are important besides academic performances. For every student who wishes to have a global career, knowledge of English is becoming increasingly important. There are hundreds of English medium schools and colleges where students do not speak effectively in English. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • English is being always considered a foreign language as it is.
  • Fear of failure inhibits a sustained practice.
  • Complacence due to lack of peer pressure to learn and improve.
  • English speaking habit is not being inculcated adequately at a young age.
  • Many institutions are catering to rural population where exposure to English is neither a functional requirement nor a social practice.
  • Increasing difficulty to employ qualified and passionate English teachers to meet the high demand.
  • Many institutions where efforts are taken to improve, the percentage of output with fluency level and with sufficient vocabulary is still small.
  • Even institutions in urban area have it as a challenge to meet the standards needed.

While the methodology for vernacular medium students demands a bilingual approach to teach, the English medium students are open to learn English through English. This is the natural and most efficient way of learning any language needed.

Campus English Program

With an experience of providing language lab solution for about 250 schools and colleges in the country , the team in Wordsworth Academy has spent about 2 decades of research on providing easy, sustainable ,cost effective and result oriented teaching and learning methodologies to bring the best linguistic attributes homogeneously among the heterogeneous gathering of student masses in every institution.

Campus English Program

  • Is a comprehensive, pragmatic year long activity that could seamlessly bring a dramatic change among the participating students to effectively communicate in English.
  • Implements a sustainable practice in a seamless manner to institutions open for a relentless and consistent effort to improve the English language skills to higher standards for the masses.
  • Focuses upon improving the thinking practice in English which forms the basis to better listening , ,reading, speaking and writing skills.
  • Does not demand exclusive staff to implement the process.
  • Provides a systematic introduction to excellent resource material on daily basis for a consistent growth.
  • Triggers the passion the teachers and the students equally , with an interesting and a joyful interactive experience.
  • Reaches the student in the school campus and goes beyond to provide a subtle ‘off campus’ learning experience too. This ensures the continuous wilful involvement of the student.


Before we give a resource material to the student ,it is important to set our goals right. There are several levels that a learner comes across in the course of learning a language. Here is a picture of the levels to locate a student and take further.

  • Beginner Level – Vocabulary up to 1500 words
  • Survivor Level - Vocabulary up to 3000 words
    The above two levels are the most important attributes that should be focussed upto class 5 simply by communicating to the kids in English only. The teachers of such classes form the foundation for the students to participate in ‘Campus English Program ‘ up to the 12th grade and in the colleges later. Campus English Program is derived for grown ups and adult learners from ‘High School level up to College level.
  • Confidence Level - Vocabulary upto 5000 words
    Most of our English Medium students achieve this level of vocabulary in the school itself. Unfortunately they do not put themselves into constant speaking exercise in English. A little effort to express themselves in English gives them the ability to gyrate their communication skill quickly and also helps them to acquire more words in use.
  • Fluency Level - Vocabulary upto 7500 words
    We have to remember that global employability requires Fluency level to be achieved. This is easily possible with a diligent effort on listening and speaking practice. Many of our students in urban schools do achieve this and are successful in getting rewarding jobs. However the job market is so large that such candidates are always in great demand increasing by time. As such the job market demands Fluency level vocabulary and Command level is not insisted.
  • Command Level - Vocabulary above 10,000 words
    Alright. But to achieve success in competitive exams after their schooling and to upgrade themselves to qualify for higher education or acquiring Jobs at a different level , one has to achieve Command Level.
  • Professional Level
    This is gaining knowledge of functional vocabulary pertaining to the profession. For example: A journalist, a teacher, a banker, a geologist or a doctor, will have to know the words related to their profession and commonly used in it. This comes in their field of education and in their specific work environment .
  • Poetic Level
    Poetic Level is not related to the strength of vocabulary. It is the art of verbally articulating and expressing an idea with emotion, similes and metaphors with rhyme and rhythm. Having the strength of vocabulary is an added advantage but the art of expression comes from the innate skill of a person.

English is the Global language already and for the future. Campus English Program is enriched with resource material that brings up to a staggering 50,000 words to the students, with an objective to deliver them in an interesting manner, in a period of 3 to 6 years.

The effort is minimal, consistent and self imposing to the enthusiasts. Thereby, in a few years the student leaves the campus as a master in the Facets of English Language needed to face the future.

Components of Language learning
  • Spelling
  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Expression

Out of these five major components of language learning and language teaching, efforts are already in place for providing correct spelling, precise grammar in use. Pronunciation is a subjective exercise which demands a real time English environment to inspire.

Campus English Program focuses upon increasing the vocabulary, improving the understanding of language semantics and clear verbal expressions.


Campus English Program triggers Phrasal Methodology of learning by providing adequate sentences with the words in use.
Campus English Program initiates Auto learning methodology enabled by group learning ambience on daily basis and a seamless learning experience is provided. Teachers role is simplified to give their interpretations and entice the students to a detailed thinking process.
Campus English Program does not demand the time period in the classroom.
Campus English Program aids the existing infrastructure at all levels.

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