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After the British rule in India, the legacy of English was sustained until the seventies for the flair, without any vested business interest. After the seventies, unfortunately a sharp decrease in the usage of the foreign language was noticed particularly amongst the youngsters. About ninety per cent of the students till today, are with good academic records and poor linguistic abilities.

Ironically, never in the history, English has been such an important, saleable tool for global communication as much as it is now. There is a conditional approach by the global giants and corporate companies to recruit the kind of manpower good in linguistic abilities, particularly with ‘Effective Communication in English’ whatever may be the discipline of graduation.

It is even noticed that candidates with good English communication skills but with an average career background could also secure lucrative assignments with the corporate companies . This shows that top priority is given for candidates with linguistic attributes. Let’s get ready.
India is in the prime focus of many international corporate to harvest a high volume of quality manpower required for the future. As per the statistics, about 3 million people will have jobs by 2021 in the ‘Business Process Outsourcing Industry’(BPO) in India. With 71% growth rate, BPO Industry is poised to be the countries major revenue spinner.

The assumptions made by the large players to focus on Indian manpower are:

  1. Consistent availability of quality man power.
  2. Quality education.
  3. Adaptability
  4. Man power at reasonable cost
  5. Knowledge and practice of English language.

There is a conditional approach by the global giants and corporate companies only to recruit the kind of manpower good in communication and linguistic abilities. ‘Effective Business Communication in English’ is required irrespective of the discipline of graduation.

With a perfect comprehension of the present scenario with regard to the kind of manpower required in the global market and the kind of manpower available, Wordsworth Academy now brings Campus English Program to assist the candidates to enhance their skills to match the expectations. Campus English Program is a complete language learning program to assist the candidates to enhance their skills and match with the expectations of the corporate companies. As a part of the broad effort, Wordsworth Academy has developed a year long module for the college students, to initiate the aptitude and improve the flair for business communication in English. This is the first effective step for a smooth start to improve the career prospects of the enthusiasts. Wordsworth Academy brings the benefits of its objective to the student participants with this module by providing the required resource. However Learning is a lifetime process. A thousand-mile journey starts with the FIRST STEP.

Campus English Program is the system first of its kind in the country, thoughtfully designed to cater to every need of an institution willing to provide language enhancement program for the students . Campus English Program chooses the text contents required from the world class resource and is supported by audio visual contents and Campus English Posters too.

The flash cards are for daily year long distribution to all the students of the institution for a period of 3 to 5 years. Thereby a systematic and sustained approach to the enhancement of linguistic abilities and communication skills can redefine the career prospects of the students. Such participants can elevate their scope of opportunities to global level while they could bring pride to the parent institution.

Before we give a resource material to the student ,it is important to set our goals right. There are several levels that a learner comes across in the course of learning a language. Here is a picture of the levels to locate a student and take further.

  • Beginner Level – Vocabulary up to 1500 words
  • Survivor Level - Vocabulary up to 3000 words
    The above two levels are the most important attributes that should be focussed upto class 5 simply by communicating to the kids in English only. The teachers of such classes form the foundation for the students to participate in ‘Campus English Program ‘ up to the 12th grade and in the colleges later. Campus English Program is derived for grown ups and adult learners from ‘High School level up to College level.
  • Confidence Level - Vocabulary upto 5000 words
    > Most of our English Medium students achieve this level of vocabulary in the school itself. Unfortunately they do not put themselves into constant speaking exercise in English. A little effort to express themselves in English gives them the ability to gyrate their communication skill quickly and also helps them to acquire more words in use.
  • Fluency Level - Vocabulary upto 7500 words
    We have to remember that global employability requires Fluency level to be achieved. This is easily possible with a diligent effort on listening and speaking practice. Many of our students in urban schools do achieve this and are successful in getting rewarding jobs. However the job market is so large that such candidates are always in great demand increasing by time. As such the job market demands Fluency level vocabulary and Command level is not insisted.
  • Command Level - Vocabulary above 10,000 words
    Alright. But to achieve success in competitive exams after their schooling and to upgrade themselves to qualify for higher education or acquiring Jobs at a different level , one has to achieve Command Level.
  • Professional Level
    This is gaining knowledge of functional vocabulary pertaining to the profession. For example: A journalist, a teacher, a banker, a geologist or a doctor, will have to know the words related to their profession and commonly used in it. This comes in their field of education and in their specific work environment .
  • Poetic Level
    Poetic Level is not related to the strength of vocabulary. It is the art of verbally articulating and expressing an idea with emotion, similes and metaphors with rhyme and rhythm. Having the strength of vocabulary is an added advantage but the art of expression comes from the innate skill of a person.

English is the Global language already and for the future. Campus English Program is enriched with resource material that brings up to a staggering 50,000 words to the students, with an objective to deliver them in an interesting manner, in a period of 3 to 6 years.

The effort is minimal, consistent and self imposing to the enthusiasts. Thereby, in a few years the student leaves the campus as a master in the ‘Facets of English Language’ needed to face the future.

  • Spelling
  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Expression

Out of these five major components of language learning and language teaching, efforts are already in place for providing correct spelling, precise grammar in use. Pronunciation is a subjective exercise which demands a real time English environment to inspire.

Campus English Program focuses upon increasing the vocabulary, improving the understanding of language semantics and clear verbal expressions.

Campus English Program triggers Phrasal Methodology of learning by providing adequate sentences with the words in use. Campus English Program nitiates Auto learning methodology enabled by group learning ambience on daily basis and a seamless learning experience is provided. Teachers role is simplified to give their interpretations and entice the students to a detailed thinking process.
Campus English Program does not demand the time period in the classroom.
Campus English Program aids the existing infrastructure at all levels.

Campus English Cards

  • About 600 laminated resource cards printed back to back, numbered and laminated for daily distribution among the students to read, write, discuss, remember and recall anytime.
  • These cards have a profound collection of English contents that include all the essential ‘Facets of English language’ along with exclusive Vocabulary put in phrasal examples of sentences in usage.
  • The cards are given in 4 groups with colour codes for each category which can be used to define 4 levels irrespective of the age of the participating students.
  • The standard of understanding of the participants is the index of choice for their groups and for the depth of tutorial interpretation which is left to the discretion of the teacher or the trainer.
  • These cards are laminated (2.3 microns plastic) for longevity to use for 5 to 10 yrs easily.

Teacher’s/Trainer’s handbook on Facets of English Language

A consummate handbook on the Facets of English Language authored and compiled by A.Ramesh Rao of Wordsworth Academy has most of the resources used in the ‘Campus English’ cards . A copy of this book is given as a Teacher’s/Trainer’s handbook for easy sequential reference of the card contents to build up periodic interpretations in the class room.

A variety of contents in a range of titles are provided in the cards for a modular learning experience. Such contents include :

  • Basic Spoken English Exercises
  • Common Phrases in Conversation
  • Homophones
  • Heteronyms
  • List of Collective Nouns
  • Funny English Sentences
  • Confusing Words
  • Phrasal Verbs
  • Idiomatic Expressions
  • Abbreviations
  • Twin words in Usage
  • Pleonasms or Tautological Redundancies
  • English Proverbs
  • Contrary Proverbs
  • Oxymoron
  • Tongue Twisters
  • Acronyms
  • Bacronyms
  • Scrabbles
  • Contranym
  • Oronyms
  • Wellerism
  • Spoonerism
  • Mnemonics
  • Portmanteau Words
  • Palindromes
  • Famous Quotes
  • A Collection of Funny Quotes
  • Onomatopoeia
  • Young Ones of Animals and Birds
  • Animal Genders
  • Pangrams Anagrams
  • Silent Letters
  • Litotes
  • Sounds of Animals
  • Adjectives for Animals
  • Sesquepedelian Words
  • List of ‘Manias’( Obsessions)
  • List of ‘Phobias’ (aversions) List of Philosophical ‘isms’
  • List of ‘ologies’
  • Some funny and /or beautiful words in English,

Besides all this thousands of words are provided in the Super Vocabulary title. Such words are given with meanings and an example of sentence using the word. This provides a contextual understanding of the word in its usage and enables the students to score well in any competitive exams in the career.

Yes. The teacher/trainers hand book contains most of the contents of the cards given to the students. This book is a part of every kit so that every teacher in charge of the kits can have it separately as a resource for their usage .This book is also available in Amazon.in , Amazon.com , Amazon.co.uk, flipcart and is now becoming increasingly popular with many spoken English trainers in India and abroad.

Campus English Audio Visual contents (FREE)

About 200 hrs of self indexing audio visual contents that include 140 lessons on ‘Spoken English’ exercises made by the BBC are given away as a non commercial free material for the usage in a smart class environment. These contents are for the students to practice language skills to slowly graduate themselves from beginner level to confidence level in a period of time. Each lesson would go for a 20 minutes of video time and with the interpretation of the teacher a 40 minutes session can be conducted. These contents are suitable even for classes from 3rd standard onwards upto 12th standard and beyond.

The audio visual resource material also consists of popular English songs with lyrics to be played for the students. Musical audio with text displayed is a proven method that could trigger the passion of the students to delve into the language joyfully ever after.

For the college students a series of motivational speeches are chosen and included. The institution can augment the 20 GB repository as required. These can be selected on various management topics given by globally renowned speakers of professional excellence.

Note: The ‘Campus English’ Audio Visual contents and ‘Campus English Posters’ are not a part of the kit contents. They are provided for FREE as one copy per institution irrespective of the number of kits purchased. ( ie: One set of about 20 GB Audio Visual Contents – Per Institution)

A set of 90 colourful English posters are given for each institution to be framed and displayed in the classroom and corridors for a quick attractive consistent reminder of some selected, interesting English contents.
It is interesting to notice the students standing in groups discussing about the attractive poster contents. This brings a typical English Ambience immersing the students into a seamless learning process incidentally.
A whole lot of posters could be shuffled once every 45 days so that all the posters are exposed to all the students in a period of time within a year and brought back for a recall year after year.
Note: The ‘Campus English’ Audio-Visual contents and ‘Campus English Posters’ are not a part of the kit contents. They are provided for FREE as one copy per institution irrespective of the number of kits purchased. ( ie: One set of 90 Campus English Posters – Per Institution)

Nothing can replace a teacher. While the program triggers auto- learning and group learning amongst the students , the teacher’s role is largely reduced to mere discussions with finer interpretations for a few minutes, whenever required and whenever possible. The teacher’s role to motivate the students and monitor the growth is an inspiration necessary always.

The ‘’Campus English Program’ participants are provided with a very resourceful ‘Workbook’ to record the contents of their choice daily. The ‘Workbook’ has a collection of ‘prefixes’ and ‘suffixes’ used in the English languages, explained with examples. Everyday exercise should also include the pondering upon such words that gives a wider exploration of etymology of the words and their usages.

The ‘Workbook’ is provided for every participant in the ‘Campus English Program’. It is an integral part of the program conducted by Wordsworth Academy to the students of the client institution. However, the cost mentioned for the outright purchase of the kits does not include the cost of the ‘Workbook’. Such Institutions can buy copies of ‘Workbook’ for their students every year.

The ‘Workbook’ is priced at Rs.300/- per copy inclusive of taxes and delivery charges to anywhere in India.

No. On the other hand, the kit and the program augments the involvement of the students and encourages the teachers to help the students. In fact, the ‘Campus English Kit ‘is an essential resource material for institutions that already have a Language Lab in place.

  • A. The institution should provide every classroom with an independent kit for a yearlong usage. (suggested)
  • B. The class teacher /pupil leader should plan a diligent quick distribution system in their respective classrooms.
  • C. Each student should be given one card to take home and use for one full day.
  • D. The students should be advised to read the card loudly and practice effective reading too.
  • E. The students should be persuaded to discuss about the contents of the card within themselves, with their family members and among their other friends.
  • F. The students should be encouraged to freely discuss or explain about what they have learnt in the card of the day.
  • G. The students should be encouraged to write down or take notes from the card and note their learning process as an activity of their choice.
  • H. A hard bound record note book should be exclusively kept by every student for the purpose.
  • I. The card taken must be surrendered by every student to the person in charge, before picking up a new card the next day.
  • J. Periodically on daily or weekly basis, teachers can interact with the students on a fraction of the contents seen on any card for a few minutes and give their interpretations for better understanding.
  • K. A formal objective type test can be conducted to appraise the students once or twice a year to encourage them as they improve.
  • L. A certificate of merit can be given away for all serious participants who could perform well on written records and have good Comprehension, Spelling, Sentence articulation, Vocabulary and handwriting.
  • M. This gives them an exercise to perform later in any competitive exams.

A consistent practice of learning from the cards picked day after day, month after month, year after year for a period of 3 to6 years of the Campus era, sets the participating students with adequate knowledge and exposure to face the job market with cheer and confidence.

It is recommended to have one kit per class of 50 students while one teacher could take responsibility of one kit independently. However a kit can serve up to 150 students comfortably. Therefore one kit per grade of 3 sections, each with 50 students is an adequate purchase. Hence, for example, an institution with about 1500 students can go for about 10 kits. On the other hand an institution with just as much as 200 students may go for just 2 kits for a good launch of the program.

Yes. The contents are the same in all the kits and the kits can be used for any class from 6th standard and above and taken even up to post graduating students in various colleges.

Well, language learning is not age based but it is completely exposure based. No class can explore the cards fully within a period of one year.

While the distribution is effectively suggested as one card per student for about 100 days in an academic year, the total volume of 600 cards can be exposed in a period of 5 long years as the students move on to upper classes.

No. The cards are not syllabus based. Therefore it is not separated for different classes. At large these are generic cards suitable for all.

However it is more appropriate for the teacher of a class to choose the 100 cards for the year , to be exposed for a particular class based on the learning ability and capacities of the students.

No. Campus English Program as such activates ‘Self learning’ and ‘Group learning’ process among the students. In fact since the students take home the resource cards, they have chances to discuss about the contents with their friends , family members and neighbours too.

However the teacher would periodically talk about one or two card contents and give new examples and interesting interpretations of the contents. This can be done for a few minutes per day or whenever required just to inspire the students to get involved further in the language learning process.

First of all there is no time for the students or the teachers, while they are in the Campus. Therefore it is necessary to give the student’s time at home to delve into the details of the resource cards for a few minutes. The students should spend time to read the contents and ponder.

They should be allowed time at home to do so and to take down some notes on daily basis in a fair notebook for references.

They should choose to flaunt their growth and passion to their parents, family members and friends or anyone they want to know. Thereby a new set of family members would find the student as a good resource who could be considered as a teacher or an expert.

Campus English Program easily becomes popular with the educated parents who eagerly look forward for the next card, day after day. There are already many cases where the parents have expressed that the cards are too good and useful even for them to learn along with the children. It is understood that a fellow learner and a home teacher is developed thus within.

As the students take the resource card home they are required to read and write down anything that they find interesting from the days card. Writing once is equal to reading 10 times. This record book is not an annual book but is taken year after year as a personal progress diary for 3 to 5 years.

A Certificate of appreciation can be given by the institution to the diligent participants every year to encourage them work regularly .Wordsworth Academy would be pleased to provide such certificates on cost for any number of students appraised and approved by the teacher ,every year .

Yes. A Certificate of appreciation can be given by the institution to the diligent participants every year to encourage them work regularly. This motivates the student to participate with an easy goal to achieve. A student in a school can potentially work to get at least 5 such certificates within the schooling tenure. These certificates need not be just given to a qualifying few. Instead it is given as a certificate for diligent participation in the ‘Campus English Program’ based on the submission of a 100 days record. No test is required. Wordsworth Academy would be pleased to provide such certificates on cost for any number of students appraised and approved by the teacher, every year.

Yes. An interesting, interactive training session for all the teaching staff is provided at the beginning of the implementation of the Campus English Program. This program shall be conducted by experienced professionals focuses on the following:

  • How to use the Campus English Kit , for a yearlong program systematically.
  • Language enhancement and implementation of English speaking practice.
  • Significance of ‘Phrasal Methodology’ for teaching and learning.

Duration: 2 to 3 hrs.

Number of participants: Any number of teachers preferably from English Medium background can attend the session. However 20 to 40 teachers would be optimum for making the session more interactive and personal.

This training program is given at no extra cost for our client institutions. However the travel, food and accommodation for our Trainers ( 2 persons) should be arranged by the client institution or the expenses should be borne by the client institution. Such expenses are worked out ‘on cost to cost basis’ depending on the distance travelled by the trainers.

Campus English Program is a unique, easy and indispensible approach to make the student participants move beyond Fluency level and achieve Command level. Campus English Program Kit is a powerful teaching and learning tool of global standards, derived exclusively for English medium students in schools and colleges.
Yes, by all means. The standard of these resource material are for the English medium adult students from 6th standard onwards up to post graduating college studies. However the vernacular medium students would also find most part of it to be interesting and suitable for them to acquire the language slowly and steadily.
Yes. A home kit for personal learning is made available for those who wish to take it as a home exercise. Personal English Learning Kit (PELK), is a handy tool to take a systematic exercise at home. Anybody can choose to have a home kit and practice at home. Please see the details in the separate button given at the top right of the homepage.
Yes. We suggest every English Medium School to invite us for the implementation of the ‘Campus English Program’ as an outsourced service. Kindly download the Agreement Copy here and call us for sign up and activation. It would be our pleasure to answer you, for any queries that you may have before finalizing your orders.
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