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Campus English - Program Kit

Campus English Program Kit

  • Is made as a resource to inspire the English language learning youngsters to enjoy the finer Facets of English language with Phrasal examples in usage.
  • Gives the basics of conversational English, with examples.
  • Is ideal for those learners who want to improve their basic conversational English and will help them to become more confident when communicating in English.
The collection of aspects in Campus English Program Kit is only a part of the ever growing list of usages in different parts of the world. With the example of sentences given wherever required Campus English Program Kit, it is a joy to understand the linguistic attributes using Phrasal Methodology of learning. Campus English Program Kit is a good companion for English language learners to understand the funny and interesting aspects of English language formed since ages in its evolution.
Components of Campus Kit
Campus English Cards
  • About 600 resource cards printed back to back, numbered and laminated for daily distribution among the students to read, write, discuss, remember and recall anytime.
  • These cards have a profound collection of English contents that include all the essential Facets of English Language along with exclusive Vocabulary put in phrasal examples of sentences in usage.
  • The cards are given in groups with colour codes for each category which can be used to define the levels irrespective of the age of the participating students.
  • The standard of understanding of the participants is the index of choice for their groups and for the depth of tutorial interpretation which is left to the discretion of the teacher or the trainer.
  • These cards are laminated (2.3 microns plastic) for longevity to use for 5 to 10 yrs easily.
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